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How To Keep Up With Winter Home Maintenance

How To Keep Up With Winter Home Maintenance

Regular house maintenance is the best way to make sure your home stays in good condition and continues to look immaculate for your own pleasure and for when you are entertaining guests. But let’s face it: Winter home maintenance is kind of a drag, especially as Spring starts to make its way into view.

Montana winters can get quite cold. When that happens, all we want to do is stay indoors with a hot cup of tea in hand. Not work around the house and especially not outside.

However, proper maintenance can save you from a lot of trouble and it doesn’t even have to be unpleasant. Let’s take a look at a few things you can easily tackle around the house this winter.

7 Tips for Winter Home Maintenance You Don’t Want to Forget

Winter home maintenance doesn’t have to be hard work or annoying– quite the opposite. For instance, you can turn the outdoor maintenance work into fun winter games for the whole family. As for the indoors maintenance, it’s designed to give you an even cozier environment to wrap up in your favorite blanket.

1. Remove Debris from Gutters

Gutters require a good clean up to prevent water from backing up when the rain sets in, causing leaks or damage to your roof and siding. This can be done effectively by sweeping off tree leaf debris, dirt, and silt that build up and clog the gutters, making any excess water cascade straight off the roof like a waterfall.

2. Repair any Cracks or Gaps in Your Doors and Windows

Repairing the frames of doors and windows will help to keep out pests and keep in the warmth during the winter. Repair loose or damaged timber, and while you’re there, you can lubricate the hinges for smooth, silent use.

3. Inspect Your Roof

The roof endures the brunt of wintry conditions to protect your home. So it’s natural it will wear down in time, especially with all the heavy snow we’ve been getting! Weather conditions can cause the shingles and tiles in your roof to break and create exposed areas in the lower layers. In turn, this is where leaks and holes can form, which allow water to seep through to your attic.

Regular checkups of the roof for signs of damage are the best way to keep your wallet safe, as a complete roof replacement can get quite costly.

4. Assess The Insulation System

Attic insulation protects the ceiling from air leakage. If your attic insulation is starting to get worn from years of sheltering you from the unfriendly weather or from pest infestations, this means that your heating system has to double-time to counter the cold air coming from the attic.

This can create problems with the functioning of the heating system. It is much cheaper and easier to make sure that your insulation is in good shape. It will only take a few minutes or a call to a professional.

5. Maintain Your Heating System

The heating system works overtime in the winter, especially if you’re turning the heat up to constantly. If you have an outdated thermostat – the kind that is not used to regulating the internal temperature – your heating system probably has to turn on every 5 to 10 minutes.

Carrying out regular checkups and servicing the heating system ensures it stays efficient and cost-effective. In case any strange noises are heard coming from the vents, or if you suddenly notice any drastic cold spots in part of your home, you should have the heating system checked out immediately to prevent any future disasters.

6. Clear Snow From Driveways And Walkways

Snow and ice build-up can be very dangerous and removing this might be the most tedious winter home maintenance task of all. For your safety, and for the safety of other occupants in the house and that of the neighbors, it is important to immediately plow or shovel snow and cover traffic areas with salt. A snow removal service can quickly rid your yard of piled up snow.

7. Protect Your Pipes

Pay extra attention to pipes that are located in crawl spaces, basements, attics and/or near outer walls. They can be susceptible to freezing in extreme temperatures. When winter sets in, let water drip from hot and cold faucets overnight. Also, try to keep cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate in places like below sinks.

Bonus tip: stock up on your favorite tea variety or hot chocolate brand. You need to treat yourself to something delicious after you made sure your home is in excellent shape.

What other ideas do you have to help out with winter home maintenance?


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