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7 Things That Turn Off Home Buyers And How To Avoid Them

7 Things That Turn Off Home Buyers And How To Avoid Them

We all know that big, generous houses are a big part of what entices people to move to Montana and to continue living here. Our “Big Sky State” residents are quite fortunate in this respect. However, it’s not enough to just have a big house for sale. There are plenty of things that can turn off home buyers.

Remember that you are not the only one selling a bigger home. Most properties here offer plenty of indoor and outdoor space. If you want to get a good deal and sell your home fast, make sure you don’t make one of the mistakes below.

7 Things that Turn off Home Buyers Faster than You Can Say “Escrow”

Everyone has their own idea about what the ideal home should look like. And you’re not expected to fit everyone’s taste and needs – that would be impossible. But you can definitely avoid some of the biggest turn-offs and get your home sold in no time at all.

    1.   A Cluttered Home

When a home looks disorganized and ruled by clutter, potential buyers assume that there is very little storage space. Plus, clutter makes your home look small, dirty and downright unappealing. Make sure you organize it a bit before welcoming the first potential buyers.

    2.   Extravagant Décor and Colors

You may love bold colors, but this doesn’t mean others do too. Or, even if they do, they may like other bold colors. Before putting your home on the market, try to paint the walls in neutral colors and even consider changing the faces of your kitchen cabinets if they are too personalized. Remove all extravagant decorations, too. This is a small investment that’s guaranteed to help you get a better price and sell your home faster.

    3.   Too many Personalized Items

Yes, it’s still your house and no one expects you to empty it before it’s sold. But you want to make potential buyers feel at home right away. Allowing them to imagine how their own things would look plays a great part in that. To that end, remove any oversized family photos, religious items and pieces of clothing and footwear that are in plain sight. Again, the fewer things spread around the house, the better!

    4.   A Bad Odor

A bad smell in your home can turn off home buyers even faster than bright, bold colors, especially if that smell is mold. Tobacco scent, pet odor or anything “funky” are also major no-nos. Since you live there, you might be less sensitive to the smell, so have a friend come over and give you a fresh perspective. Then you should clean your home thoroughly, wash everything that can retain smell (curtains, linens, upholstery) and, if that doesn’t do it, call a professional team to help you.

    5.   Dark Spaces and Bad Lighting

Darkness makes any room feel smaller and uninviting. Be sure to get the right window treatments that allow light to enter the room and trim any trees or plants that might block sunlight. If there’s no way to get natural light in every room, use artificial one to get all the corners properly lit.

    6.   Stains, Dents and other Small Flaws

Yes, they may be small, but moving is complicated on its own, you don’t want to add to your potential buyers’ hassle. Make sure to fill any holes in the floor or exterior walls and fix any visible dents. Anything that can be done in an afternoon, you should try to take care of. Less work for the buyer makes your home more valuable! Fixing tiny flaws is a cost effective way to make your home look amazing.

    7.   Dirty or Outdated Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a crucial selling point for your entire home, as renovating costs can add up and not all home buyers have the budget for it. A dirty bathroom and old tiles make it look worse than it really is. If your plumbing is working perfectly, give your bathrooms a good sprucing up to show that there is no need for a major investment. Sometimes, just cleaning them thoroughly and adding new decor does the trick.

Your Montana real estate agent can help you with more advice on how to prepare your house for the visit of potential home buyers. Better yet, since your agent may know a thing or two about buyers, you could get personalized advice from them! Just be open to a conversation and not be afraid of criticism – it’s for your own good so that your home doesn’t turn off home buyers! Following these seven pieces of advice and listening to your agent can be the difference between selling your home quickly and letting it sit on the market.


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