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Top 10 Tips For How To Move In Winter

Top 10 Tips For How To Move In Winter

As much as we might want to prolong fall, winter is here! Especially for those of us in Montana, winter means freezing temperatures and snow. We know that moving any time of the year can be a tad stressful, but if you’re trying to move in winter, you might feel like there are more challenges to tackle.

If you’re getting ready to move in the middle of it, we have some of the tips you need so that this move is as stress-free and smooth as possible. Here we talk about the benefits of moving in this snowy season, and give you some ideas on how to avoid common problems.

Must Know Tips That Will Help You Move In Winter

There are lots of benefits for choosing to move in winter, and probably the best reason is that it’s cheaper. Winter is the off-season for most moving companies, which means their rates drop and you’ll have a much easier time renting all the equipment you need.

However, there are some complications that arise when trying to move when it’s cold and icy out, so we made this list of tips for how to successfully move in winter.

Set Up/Disconnect Utilities

Maybe this sounds like a no brainer, but with everything that goes on with a move, utilities can totally escape our minds. From setting a date to disconnect your old house, to making sure they are set up before you get to your new house, don’t forget to call your utility company.

A big tip we recommend is to turn your heat down the day of the move. Your doors will be open most of the day anyways, and you’ll save a lot of money without the furnace constantly kicking on every time you walk in and out of the front door.

Make sure you have hot water, heat, and electricity all set up at your new place before you get there. Imagine spending all day trying to move in winter, only to show up to find a dark and freezing house with no water.

Clear Snow From Walkways

Specifically for when it’s time to move in winter, we recommend that on moving day you make sure you clear the walkways of all snow and ice. This way you’ll avoid accidents and have a much easier time hauling all your stuff. Get some deicer and use it on any steps and paths to the driveway or parking lot. You don’t want anyone to slip and fall and hurt themselves, or damage your things.

It might be a good idea to lay down some sheets or plastic covers in high traffic areas of your home for easier cleanup once you’re done.

Have Extra Blankets and Towels On Hand

It’s always a good idea to be prepared. Especially when it’s cold and wet out, it’s a good idea to have a plethora of towels to help dry wet shoes and furniture items, as well as protect your things from leaks in the moving truck.

Having extra sheets on hand too can help you stabilize items in the truck and protect important furniture, or add as extra padding when you need.

Check The Weather

Another maybe obvious tip, but a crucial one, especially if you’re driving across the country is to check the weather. Will you be driving into a snow storm? Will it be icy the whole way? Though we can’t always be fully prepared for what the weather will do, specifically if you’re trying to move in winter in Montana, we can try to plan as best we can.

Try to schedule your move on clear days, with little chance of snow.

Allow Extra Days For Travel

As much as we hope that our journey to our new home will be smooth sailing the whole way, we’ve all been in situations where the weather gets the best of us. And as we all know, driving in inclement weather always takes a little longer than driving on bright summer days. Allow for extra time to get to your destination, and don’t get too disappointed if you need to stop somewhere for the night.

If you have a moving van that you aren’t driving yourself, make sure you keep in contact with your driver. Try to plan out your route in advance, but be prepared if you have to make changes.

Set Up Emergency Contact List

Just in case, make a list of contact information of everyone you might need before you leave. From family members on your emergency contact list to the name and number of the moving company, make a list of all of the numbers you might need – just in case!

When you’re trying to move in winter, you’ll want to know the info to roadside assistance, highway patrol, maybe even a number to highway road conditions. Let someone who isn’t traveling with you know what your plans are, and keep them informed if anything changes.

Get Your Car Serviced

Avoid hassle and stress by getting your car serviced before the big journey. Make sure you have air in your tires and that they are equipped to deal with winter conditions. Make sure all necessary fluids are topped off, and get your brakes checked. Pack some road salt, extra windshield fluid, and some extra gas.

It might also be a good idea to carry some non-perishable snacks, an emergency blanket, and a snow shovel. If you always prepare for the worst case scenario, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can handle whatever the weather will throw out you. Though personally we hope you have a very boring and non exciting journey.

Don’t Pack Too Many Liquids

We all know what happens to liquids when they freeze – they expand. Can you imagine making a long trek during your move in winter only to find that all of your cleaning supplies and liquids exploded in the freezing temp? What a mess! Try to avoid packing too many liquids onto the moving truck, or keep them in a space that will make for easy clean up if the worst should happen.

Consider Hiring A Mover or Getting A Box

Something that will probably make your entire experience better is to hire movers and a moving truck. Not having to worry about packing or hauling or transit can be a huge relief off of your mind. If there was ever a time to hire professionals, now would be it. They know how to work the truck, and they have the experience to navigate the road in all conditions.

Another alternative is to pack up a steel box or UHaul pod. You pack it up, and the company takes it to your location. A pod takes the hassle out of moving and hauling your items, and let you focus on getting to your new house!

Pack With Unpacking In Mind

The last tip we can give you about how to move in winter is to pack your things with unpacking in mind. What items will you need first at your new home? What time of day will you get there? Pack up your truck or pod with an idea of what you will need first at your new house.

Maybe you’ll want to set up the bathroom first so you can take a hot shower first thing. Keep the towels, shower curtain, and toilet paper somewhere that can easily be found right away. Or maybe you’re heading straight to sleep. Make sure you clearly label your bedding box and have it in a handy location.


What do you think? Are you feeling more confident about your decision to move in winter? Whether you made that decision on purpose or it just happened to go that way, we hope these tips help you feel like you’re a little more on top of things! We also made a sellers guide to help you get started with the process.

Remember to always use caution when moving this time of year, and don’t forget to check the weather forecasts. We know moving in general isn’t easy, so with a little extra planning and care, you can minimize your stress and get into your new home quickly and safely.

If you’re ready to get into your next home, let us help you! Whether you need help getting out of the house you’re in, or are just starting the browsing process for a new home, we’ve got the experience you need. Give a call today – we’ll discuss your goals and wish list and find the perfect house for you.


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