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What Our Customers Say

Barb went above and beyond the call of duty to close our property.  She took on some of the responsibility to make sure it would sell.  We are very grateful.
Seth D.

Barb did a wonderful job of locating a property in my price range and doing her best to see I was satisfied at all steps of the purchase process!
Debra P.

“Even when Barb was out of town for the holidays she stayed in touch, in the loop, and kept things moving forward!”

Stephanie P.

“Barb was always available to us. She patiently, very patiently, worked with us until we found what we were looking for. She is the BEST!”
KP & Xan S.

“Barb never let up marketing this property through 2 buyer bailouts and finally found the perfect buyer and closed the deal. No other Realtor would stick it out through this long and difficult process. We can’t thank her enough!”
Jon & Kris D.

“We were 1st time home buyers and Barb was very helpful. She knew exactly what we needed to be doing every step of the way!”
Jeremy & Gwynn T.

“Barb worked very hard for us – sometimes we even forget that she had other clients.”
George & Lorraine R.

“Barb Potzman was clearly on top of our every need and concern. She is the ultimate professional and she is a lifesaver.”
Jerry & Rosemary S.

“We feel she went above and beyond for us, especially on a low commission house.”
Adrean and Andrew N.

“Barb took very good care of us and explained each document during this process so that I understood exactly what was taking place. Thank you for making both the selling and buying more painless!”
Jim & Laurie P.

“We are so happy that we referred to Barb, and are very pleased with the property we bought. Barb was with us every stop of the long, frustrating process and we certainly appreciate the encouragement. After planning for several years to move to Patagonia, Chile we realized that there was country just as beautiful right in our own back yard (so to speak) with no Spanish lessons involved. Thanks for taking such good care of our interests.”
Greg & Betty M.

“Barb was incredibly helpful, patient and diligent throughout this whole process. I would highly recommend her to anyone. We could not have found our new home without her.”
Sharron B.

“Barb is the best! We have known Barb for a few years and we think the world of her and Dennis, very good people. Barb worked extremely hard on this deal. She really kept things together!”
Margaret & Mick P.

“Barb Potzman went above the call of duty with our house. It was vacant for 2.5 years and took care the whole time. Thanks”
Monte & Kari C.

“Barb is so enthusiastic and knowledegable– she found me my house in Josephine Crossing- which is perfect for me and she also sold my lot by Park City!”
Cindy N.