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6 Things You Need to Know when You Are Moving with Children

6 Things You Need to Know when You Are Moving with Children

In the past decade, Montana’s demographic profile has changed quite a lot. A lot of people moved in and less moved out. A great part of the newcomers began their Montana life by moving with children.

Let’s be honest about it: moving with children (from toddlers to high school students) can be a challenge sometimes. But kids are resilient and they are always up for a new adventure.

Luckily, there are ways to make the transition easier and even fun for them. It all begins with the right attitude. Let’s dig in and see how you can make the move easy on both your children and yourself.

6 Things that Make Moving with Children Easier

So, you’ve accepted the job promotion. The decision is final: you’ll be moving to a new city or maybe even a new state. Now it’s time to find your perfect Montana home and make sure that your kids are excited about it.

     1.   Prepare Your Kids for the Big Move

We aren’t saying you should buy a mansion. But remember that children of all ages love to see space that can excite their imagination. When a house is spacious, you can discuss your plans together: where to put their toys, their breakfast table seat, the place where you could build a fort and so on.

Even if the house isn’t big, make sure that it’s not cluttered or filled with a lot personal items from the previous owners. You want your children to think of it as a canvas that they can personalize on their own.

    2.  Prepare them for the Move Ahead of Time

This isn’t something that you should spring on them out of the blue. Let them know about it as soon as you are sure that your decision is final.

When you talk to them, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm. Tell them about the new adventure that awaits you and how wonderful everything will turn out. If your kids are old enough, you can even involve them in choosing the new house. This will make them feel like they are part of the decision.

    3.   Pack their Room Last and Unpack it First

During transition time, kids need their sanctuary. Delay packing their room as much as possible in order to give them a safe haven.

When you get to the new place, unpack their room first. This ensures continuity and makes them feel right at home. Try to arrange it as close as possible to their old room. And don’t forget about the toys! Make sure they are as visible as possible in the new room.

    4.   Get to Know the Neighbors

Don’t wait months to get to know your new neighbors. Parks and playgrounds are the ideal places to meet them and, most importantly, for your kids to make new friends.

If there are no parks or playgrounds near your new home, speak to your real estate agent. They typically know a bit about the residents of each neighborhood. They can tell you if there are any kids of similar age to yours close by. As soon as you have the lay of the land, all you have to do is knock on their door and introduce yourself.

    5.  Allow them to Express their Feelings

Whether they are against or for the move, your kids should be allowed to express their feelings and concerns, if any. Address them with calm and answer all their questions.

This is the perfect moment to treat them as young adults instead of children. Explain why the move has to happen as you would to a friend. Speak of financial concerns, job opportunities, bigger acreage — or whatever determined you to make the decision.

    6.    Stick to Old Routines

Once again, children need continuity and routine. Maintain the same bed times and activities — as much as possible, of course.

Rituals like family meals, movie nights or homework time shouldn’t be affected by the move. If you stick to them, your kids’ adjustment period will be much shorter (and happier).

Last, but not least, remember that children need extra attention during a move. Never rush into it. Take your time to find the right home and to allow your kids to process this move. Moving with children doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Let us help you make the process easier, give us a call at (406) 298-5888 and give us a chance to find you the perfect home!


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      July 18, 2017 at 12:59 pm

      I like what you recommend about getting to know the neighbors to ensure the move is easier. It makes sense that this could be a good way to know if the home would be easy to live in with your kids and lifestyle. This is something I’ll have to remember when I’m looking at different homes, because, making sure the neighbors are nice and have kids that could play with mine could be very beneficial to do before the purchase.

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