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Moving to Billings MT or Surrounding Areas? 5 Resources That Will Help

Moving to Billings MT or Surrounding Areas? 5 Resources That Will Help

Moving to Billings MT, or at least are thinking about it? You’ve made a great choice! Billings, MT has been named one of the top places in the country to live. And for good reason! Montana is beautiful, not very populated, and is every outdoor adventure-lovers dream. Couple that with the extremely low unemployment rate, and you get a city that is nearly perfect.

When you’re ready to start your move, read our list of resources that will make it easier, and then give us a call! We would love to help you on your journey however we can.

5 Resources That Will Make Moving to Billings MT and Surrounding Areas Easier

Moving is kind of a big deal, and we all know that having a handy list of information and resources makes it easier and helps you get things done. Here we provide you with 5 resources that will hopefully make moving to Billings MT a hassle-free process for you.

Moving To Billings MT? Check Out

This Complete Moving Guide to Billings, MT that put together is honestly great. Packed with fantastic information, you definitely want to read this before you set sail to Billings. They give you a complete overhaul of Billings climate, employment situation, helpful links, and more.  Billings is only 40 miles from Columbus and Laurel and Park City lie between so this guide is good for the whole area.

Save this article for later, you won’t regret it.

Billings MT Chamber Relocation Guide

Oh, Billings. You and all of its people are so thoughtful that you put together an entire relocation guide for new members. This guide is packed with info including topics like area demographics, health care options, education opportunities, real estate updates, and so much more.

If you’re looking for another reason to love Billings, this handy guide is a great one.

Columbus Chamber of Commerce is also a good resource if you are moving the area!

Billings365 Has Ideas For Anyone Moving To Billings MT

Billings365 is your one-stop-shop for all things to do in Billings. Whether you’re looking for places to live, to eat, or to participate in, this is a great way to find what’s happening locally. This article they wrote includes plenty of helpful resources if you’re new to Billings to help get you started on moving to this great place.

This is a great resource not just if you’re moving, but for locals as well. Never again say, “There’s nothing to do.” Instead, just check out all of the events going on and find something to do that you and your whole family will enjoy.

City of Billings Official Site

No matter what city you move to, the city website is typically one of the best resources when you’re considering moving. From job opportunities to local laws, this site has everything you need to stay up to date on all things Billings. Their “How Do I” section is extensive and informative.

Explore this site and get access to service directories, business permits, and visitor information. Submit requests, contact your local government and more. If you’re new to Billings, this is a fantastic place to start.

Pinnacle Property of Montana

Most likely, if you’re thinking of moving to Billings MT, or surrounding areas, it’s because you have a reason. Maybe it’s a new job, or you have family here, or maybe you’ve done some research and Montana is where you want to call home. Whatever the reason, you will need a place to live when you get here, and we have the tools to help you find your dream home.

From building it from the ground up on the outskirts of town, or finding the perfect location in the city, Pinnacle Property has years and years of real estate experience. We know that if you come to us, you will find the house you’re looking for. Let us make the home buying process easier for you, we are sure you have enough on your plate.

When you’re to take the next step, finding your new home in Montana, give us a call at (406) 298-5888. Or check out our website and start searching for a home that is perfect for you and your family here.


Pinnacle Property of Montana

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