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Master Bedroom Trends That Will Help You Get Top Dollar

Master Bedroom Trends That Will Help You Get Top Dollar

If you’re looking for a way to boost the price of your home, the master bedroom is a good place to start. Your goal should be creating an atmosphere of lavishness and relaxation. This is the best way to amaze potential buyers.

Don’t just sell a house in Montana; there are tons of people doing that. Sell an experience instead. Sell a dream.

6 Master Bedroom Trends That Will Make Buyers Happy

The master bedroom should have a relaxing atmosphere that conveys a sense of escape from the outside world after a long day’s hard work. Potential buyers will love a bedroom where they can unwind and relax comfortably. Here’s how to make that happen without spending a fortune:

1. Remove clutter

The only items that should be in your bedroom are the items you love and care to look at every morning and evening. Anything that may be on the floor, on the nightstand, the chairs, the bed or the dresser needs to find a new home. Keep all surfaces clear all the time.

Potential buyers need a clutter-free bedroom so they can imagine it filled with their own things. Their favorite book on the nightstand instead of yours and their photos on the walls.

2. Add Some Fragrance

An incense-holder is the perfect add-on to the room. It says “relaxation” without cluttering the space. Alternatively, scented candles give an extra homey touch to the room and a welcoming atmosphere. You can simply place them in the room, without actually using them.

If you do use them, opt for common and subtle fragrances like patchouli or vanilla. Anything too exotic may scare buyers away. Plus, you don’t want to trigger anyone’s allergies.

3. Eliminate Anything that Looks too Personal

An artsy-looking mirror or a piece of abstract art are great in any master bedroom. Pictures of your family or religious items should be hidden, though.

Again, you want the potential buyers to feel right at home when they set foot in the bedroom. They won’t be able to do that if the room is filled with tons of your personal items.

4. Add House Plants

Plants make any room look as if it’s bursting with life and joy. Their freshness also brings a sense of calmness to the room. Plus, they help keep the air fresh.

There’s no need to go overboard and buy eccentric and expensive plants. You never know who may be allergic to them. Any local plant is great, just as long as it looks fresh.

5. Place a Rustic Chair or a Rocking Chair by the Window

Create a seating area near the window for relaxation or reading. It’s an inexpensive way to make a room look multi-functional and inviting without cluttering it.

If you’re selling your home during winter, a cozy blanket on said chair will add an extra comfiness touch and will instantly induce the feeling of warmth.

6. Stick to Neutral Colors

You may like to have a red wall (just like Carrie in Sex and the City) in your bedroom, but your buyers may be fans of a different TV show. Allow them to personalize the room as they see fit.

Choose warm, classical colors instead of bright ones. Beige, white, grey tones – all look great and elegant. This goes for both the colors of the walls and for the linens on your bed.

It’s not at all expensive to turn your master bedroom into an oasis that will look inviting to any buyer, no matter how picky they are. Just put yourself in their shoes and remember what turned you off when you bought your first house.

Need more help with turning your entire home into a must-buy? Check out our selling resources.


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