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Low Cost Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value

Low Cost Home Improvements That Will Increase The Value

There are lots of factors that go into what your home is worth that are out of your control. But there are some low cost home improvements that will increase the value of your home, and we’ve laid them out for you here.

Check out our list of improvements you can do yourself. Whether you’re just trying to build equity, get more when you sell, or make your home more comfortable and attractive, we’ve got ideas to raise the value of your home while staying in your budget.

Super Easy Low Cost Home Improvements That Will Help You Sell

Increase your home value and make your home much more appealing to your buyers with these super easy low cost home improvements that will help your house sell faster.  

Update The Entrance

Your home’s exterior is your first chance to make a good impression. You want it to be appealing enough to make prospective buyers want to walk through and buy it.

Start by making sure that the existing landscape is well maintained and cleaned up. Check out your neighbors’ yards. Is yours dull in comparison? Consider repainting your front door (bright colors are in!) and adding fresh flowers and plants.

Add More Kitchen Storage

Regardless of how big your current kitchen is, everyone is always looking for more storage. Take advantage of your wall space or an unclaimed corner where you can add open shelving. If you don’t have an island and have space for one, consider adding a movable island that has ample storage underneath.

Another thing that you can do is add rollouts to those bottom cabinets and better utilize the back of the cabinets.

Add A Sink Filter

Adding a water filtration in your kitchen is one of the best low cost home improvements you can do. These systems purify your water and can lower your grocery bills and encourage you to drink more water. It’s an inexpensive addition, but it is a luxury that homebuyers will love!

You’d be amazed at how this small update can make or break a buyer’s decision.

Fresh Paint

We will never be able to stop talking about how a fresh coat of paint can improve the quality of the home. A newly painted room looks clean and shows potential buyers how well the home has been taken care of. We always recommend neutral colors when updating. If you can’t afford new trim and baseboards (outlined below), fresh paint in a slightly darker shade than the walls can really help add an appealing contrast that buyers will adore.

Update The Trim

Like we mentioned above, something that is relatively inexpensive is to update the trim and baseboards. Even if that means just giving them a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, updated trim around the doors and windows can make your home feel like a million bucks.

If you’re getting ready to sell, we recommend completely replacing your outdated trim and replacing doors that have an excessive amount of dings and dents. Here are some really great tutorials on how to make doors look fancy and new, without spending all of the money.

Remove Popcorn Ceilings

You know what is not cool anymore? Popcorn ceilings. Potential buyers will really appreciate these type of low cost home improvements. Nothing dates a house more than an ugly ceiling, and though time-consuming, it is a relatively inexpensive project.

Check your local hardware store for a solution to soften it, and then scrape the popcorn away. Be sure to wear your safety glasses, and to cover up anything you don’t want to be covered in dust. Lightly sand rough spots and repaint for a fresh and clean look. Check out this tutorial for removing popcorn ceiling without all the mess!

Update Old Hardware and Light Fixtures

How often have you stepped into a home and saw all of the light fixtures and hardware and immediately dismissed the house as outdated?

Updating light fixtures and replacing tacky or rusty gold hardware for more modern pieces can make the entire house feel new – therefore increasing the value of your home immediately. Even the simple act of replacing mismatched and dull light bulbs can make the house light up in entirely new ways, making buyers scramble to get their offers in.

Plant Some Trees

We mentioned it at the beginning, but we think it’s important to mention again – curb appeal is everything. Updating your landscape and front entrance can make or break a sale. A great way to increase the value of your home, especially if you’re planning to sell down the road, is to plant some trees that will mature beautifully. Not only do trees and well-kept landscape increase your home value and add valuable curb appeal, but a mature tree in the right spot could cut your cooling costs by a lot. Think about planting low maintenance hedges for an extra level of privacy from neighbors, which could be the selling point potential buyers need.

Low Cost Home Improvements That You Can Do Yourself

We’ve tried to make sure we included low cost home improvements that you can do yourself so that you save time and money and only add value to your home. Little upgrades can go a long way, and they could be what allows you to list your home for more.

Remember, any improvements you make means less time and work for the buyer. Partner up with your favorite real estate agent and let them give you advice on what they think you should do. They know the market, and they have the best knowledge for what people are looking for.

If you need help selling, or you’re in the market to buy, reach out to us today! We would love to answer your questions and get your home sold quickly and for the right price.


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