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Is Drone Photography For Real Estate The Best Idea Ever?

Is Drone Photography For Real Estate The Best Idea Ever?

It seems like drones are all the rage right now, and we’ve seen it on the rise in real estate as well. But is drone photography for real estate the best idea ever? Or is it a waste of time? This article discusses the pros and cons of drone photography in regards to real estate and whether or not using it will change the game on your new listing.

Drone Photography For Real Estate Might Blow Your Mind

If you’re selling your home, or are an agent who focuses on selling homes for clients, you might be looking for an out of the box way to get your house noticed on the market. Drone photography might be a great way to stand out from other homes and get more attention from potential buyers.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of drone photography for real estate.

Dramatic Photo and Videos

A great thing about using drone photography for real estate is that drones give you dramatic, sweeping shots of not only the house, but the property too. Give potential buyers a complete view of what it would be like to live at that home. Show off your home with an awesome shot that starts 200 feet in the air and highlight all of the pieces of the property that still photos can’t capture.

That fantastic view that really sells the home that your photographer can’t quite capture is another reason why drone photography for real estate might be what your listing is missing. What you might need photos for can be captured in an elegant 5 second drone video.

Con: Drones can’t always capture homes that are surrounded by trees or other buildings. There are pretty strict rules for using drone photography for real estate, so make sure you read up on those if you think about getting a drone yourself.

Cool Panoramic Virtual Tours

The right drone can fly through the home you’re trying to sell and travel throughout the home, creating a natural virtual tour that gives more detail than still photos could. Videos like this could help eliminate unproductive showings and give potential buyers a better idea of whether or not your home is right for them.

Con: As cool as virtual tours are with seamless drone footage, they don’t eliminate the need for standard video and photography. Small spaces like apartments or condos are hard to capture by drones, and photographers are skilled at making those spaces feel larger. Plus, drones don’t capture the expected street-level shots that buyers are looking for in an online listing.

Get More Offers Than the Competition

Not only does the use of a drone highlight all the features of a great property, but it also helps you, the seller, look more invested in your property. It’s a fact that listings with more information and photos sell faster, and providing unique drone footage will put you ahead of the game.

We think when you hire a photographer who is experienced with drone photography, you’ll be one step ahead of homes that are similar to yours.

Con: Though drone photography for real estate is significantly less expensive than an aerial photos from a helicopter or aircraft, it still could be an extra expense. Be sure to talk to your real estate agent and get their opinion on whether or not it’s worth it for your listing.

Drone Photography For Real Estate – Is It In Or Out?

Though drone photography for real estate might be the new trend for sellers, it is up to you to decide if it is a good idea for your home or real estate office. It comes down to deciding whether or not your home style and property size would benefit from an extra level of professional photos.

It’s a known fact that most people shop online first, whether it’s a first time home buyer or a luxury home shopper, and most everyone expects high quality photography or they might not be eager for a showing. Drone photography might be exactly what your listing needs to increase showings and get your home sold faster, and maybe even for more money.

We recommend talking to your trusted real estate agent for what they suggest. They know the market better than anyone, and can give you the advice you need to sell your home faster and for more money.


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