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How To Find The Perfect House For You and Your Family

How To Find The Perfect House For You and Your Family

Whether you’re a first time home buyer looking for a home in Columbus, MT or surrounding areas, or you’re ready for an upgrade, there are so many factors to consider. Let us help you find the perfect house for you and your family with some easy advice to know when you’ve fallen in love and are ready for the next steps.

Read on for tips to help you find a house you’ll love and identify deal breakers vs fixable updates.

10 Tips That Will Help You Find The Perfect House in Montana

Just like in the dating world, buying a home can be stressful and exciting all at the same time. It’s an adventure, and we’ve got some great tips for when searching to find the perfect house for you and your family in Columbus, MT.

1. Remember that ALL houses have flaws.

The first thing you should know before even starting the process is that all homes have flaws. Even brand new constructions will have things you won’t be 100% in love with. Bear in mind that if you are looking for a house that fits a 100 point perfection checklist you’ve been fantasizing about, you will not find it. However, if you see the flaws and love it anyways, it might be a sign to buy!

2. Get approved FIRST.

The worst thing that first time home buyers in Columbus, MT go through might be falling in love with a house they cannot afford. Narrow your search by getting pre approved, that way you’ll know exactly what homes to look for, and not get carried away looking at homes out of your range.

3. Is it your ideal location?

Another thing that happens when it comes to trying to find the perfect house is to find one in the neighborhood you actually want to be in. A house might seem perfect at first, but if you hate the neighborhood, or you’re in a bad school district, that perfect house might start to become something you end up resenting. Try to target homes for sale in your dream neighborhood – you can always update a house, you can’t always update the community it’s in.

4. Bigger isn’t always better.

Sometimes we all get carried away and want the biggest and the best. It isn’t always reasonable for our price range or our family needs to jump into a huge house. If having large square footage is the only thing on your wishlist, you could be missing out on the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood that is just a little smaller than you planned.

5. Don’t sleep on it if the market is hot.

Especially in the Columbus and Billings, MT areas, taking too much time before making an offer can mean you lose out on the house of your dreams. Ask your real estate agent what they think. Most likely if you’re feeling giddy on a great house, someone else might be too. Make the offer!

6. Decide what is non-negotiable.

Make a list of what things you need in a house that is absolutely non-negotiable. If you need a yard and 4 bedrooms, those might be something that you really can’t live without. However if all granite counters are on your deal breaker list, you might want to adjust your expectations.

On the flipside, don’t settle for a house that doesn’t have what you really need. Deciding what you really need vs what you really want can help you make the decision later.

7. Get an outsider’s perspective.

When you’re trying to find the perfect house, a great way to decide whether or not to make an offer might be get an outsider’s perspective. Bring your best friend or your dad or your sibling. Are they excited about the possibility of this house for you?

Sometimes first time home buyers can get caught up in a house that just isn’t right for them, or overlook one because they can’t see past the unkempt yard. Bring someone you trust to weigh in on this big decision.

8. Is the structure sound?

If you’ve fallen in love with a house, the most important thing to remember is that structural issues might keep you from getting approved for a home. Make sure that you check the foundation before you fall in love. Never, ever skip the inspection process!

9. Everything can be updated.

Remember that nearly anything can be updated. Don’t get turned off by the wall colors or the carpet. Those things are fairly simple to update according to your own preferences. Similarly, don’t get caught up in the curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint and a powerwash can completely transform the look of a home. If you go to showings with the idea that you’ll be able to add your town personal touch, you’ll be much less disappointed.

10. Can you imagine yourself there?

Maybe the most important part of when it comes time to find the perfect house is to actually imagine yourself living there. Can you see you and your family making memories there? If you’re cringing when thinking about it, it might not be the home for you.

As real estate agents, we think it is important for our clients to trust their gut. If you don’t have a good feeling about a particular home, let us know! We want to set you up with the perfect home for you.


Now that you have a basic list of what to think about before trying to find the perfect house for you in Columbus, MT, you’re ready to get started. If you’re working with a real estate agent, remember that their job is NOT to pressure you into buying the wrong house.

Agents like to consider themselves matchmakers, matching you up with the right house and making sure you’re satisfied with where you will be living. Another important thing to remember is to not sweat the small stuff. No house is really “perfect,” just like no person is perfect. Just like with dating, it’s important to make sure your house meets your needs on a foundational level – everything really important to you should line up.

If you have any questions about the home buying process or just have no idea where to start, let us help you! Reach out to us today and let us get on the right track to finding the perfect house that you’ve been dreaming about.


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