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Home Sellers Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Home Sellers Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Ready to sell your home, or at least starting to think about it? If it’s that time in your life, we applaud you for doing your research before getting started. Here is our home sellers guide to get you started so that you feel prepared every step of the process.

How To Sell Your Home With This Home Sellers Guide

From listing to closing, our home sellers guide should hopefully make you feel prepared and confident when it comes to selling your home. Read our basic overview, and then contact us today so that you can worry less and let us do the hard work for you.

Find A Real Estate Agent

When it comes to selling your home, the first thing we recommend is finding the right real estate agent to meet your needs. Any home sellers guide will tell you that hiring a professional is the right first step, especially since selling a house is a legally binding transaction, and you want someone qualified on your side.

Zillow has a decent article with some questions you might ask your real estate agent when considering hiring them.

Time It Right

Talk to your real estate agent or REALTOR® to know exactly when you should list your home. Inventory typically drops in the winter months, with the assumption that no one wants to buy a house when it’s cold out, but your real estate agent will know the market best, so make sure you ask them when the optimal time to list really is.

Prepare Your Home

Get the most out of the selling process by having a pre-inspection of your home. Replace anything that needs it, and finally finish that pesky honey-do list you’ve been avoiding. A few easy repairs can actually drastically increase the cost of your home, which will pay off big for you when it’s actually time to sell.

Get a list from your agent about her recommendations and check out our list of easy DIYS.

Price Your House Right

Any good home seller guide will tell you to carefully consider what to price your home at. Sellers who don’t use a real estate agent often miss the mark by pricing their house too high or too low. Have your home appraised and work closely with your agent on their recommendations. Though ultimately they will respect your wishes, they have the experience to back up their suggestions, and you would be wise to listen to them.

Get Noticed on the Market

If you’re selling, that probably means you’ve been looking for new homes too. Don’t you hate it when you see a bad listing? Either the information doesn’t make sense, the pictures are terrible, or the house itself isn’t getting shown in the right light, and you’re turned off.

A great way to get noticed on the market is by staging it correctly and having a professional photographer take photos of your house. Your house can easily look like a million bucks with the right photos and an attractive listing.

If you are consistently not getting offers, ask your real estate agent what can be done to make your home more appealing.

Handling Offers and the Closing Process

Handling offers and dealing with the closing process is probably one of the most difficult parts of selling a home. In our home sellers guide, we recommend referring to your agent. They will handle all the legal paperwork, and be an advocate for you and your home. If you’re getting multiple offers at a time, they will be your middleman and point of contact.

When it comes to the closing process, we prepared an easy step by step guide to help you understand everything that is happening. A good real estate agent will make this an easy and comfortable process for you.

Moving To Your Next Home

When you’ve officially accepted an offer on your home and the closing process is complete, you will have a timeline for when you and your family have to be out of your old house and into the new. Make sure you have your ducks in a row with these resources to help you move to Billings, MT or the surrounding areas like Stillwater County. You’ll need a moving checklist and don’t forget to start changing your address!

When you’re ready to find your next home, or just need help selling, give us a call! We’d love to help you with the entire process and even help you understand this brief home sellers guide.


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