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Fall Cleaning Checklist That Will Make Your House Sparkle

Fall Cleaning Checklist That Will Make Your House Sparkle

We all know about spring cleaning, but have you started cleaning your home for the fall? Maybe you tackle the house before school starts or maybe right after the kids leave. We think that this fall cleaning checklist will help your home sparkle and make you feel a little more prepared for the upcoming winter season.

Read on for an all-inclusive checklist as well as some helpful cleaning tips that you’ll be coming back to year after year.

Fall Cleaning Checklist That Will Make You Feel Ready

The kids are finally back in school, the days are starting to get shorter and cooler, and leaves are beginning to fall. It’s time to revisit all those chores you didn’t get to this summer and start prepping your home for winter with this essential fall cleaning checklist. Real Simple has a great printable list to help you get started.

Inside Fall Cleaning Checklist Tasks

Wash All The Windows

How often do you get a chance to really clean your windows? If you’re like us, not that often! Use a microfiber cloth to avoid streaking and make sure you get the trim and window treatments too.

Clean The Baseboards

Before the snow and cold, get a wet cloth and scrub your baseboards. You might be appalled at the amount of dirt and dust that has built up and you’ll love going into the fall season with fresh baseboards. If this has never been on your fall cleaning checklist, you should add it now.

Dust Light Fixtures and Crown Molding

You’ve gotten on the floor to clean, now get up on a step stool and dust that crown molding or trim if you have it. Dust any light fixtures or fans. A quick tip for ceiling fans is to use a pillowcase over the blades so that you catch any falling dust inside the case.

Kitchen Cupboards

We touch kitchen cabinets every day and we underestimate the amount of dirt and germs our fingers have. Scrubbing our cabinets is a great way to freshen up the kitchen. Don’t forget the shelves and handles.

This is also a great time to clean out the pantry and cabinets and get rid of the food that has expired or donate all that stored up food you don’t eat.

Change Out Filters and Batteries

It’s better to get on a yearly schedule for these types of things. Everyone knows how annoying it is when the smoke detector battery is low and you can’t find the source of the beeping for days. Avoid that hassle by replacing all the batteries every few months.

We also recommend that you put changing out air filters and water filters on the fall cleaning checklist at the same time so that everything is on the same schedule.

Outside Fall Cleaning Checklist

Double Check Caulking and Weather Stripping

You want your home to be energy efficient and not have any drafts, so double checking caulk and weather stripping is really important. Take the time to recaulk and make sure your windows are not letting heat escape.

Clean and Repair Gutters

This is a big deal for your fall cleaning checklist. Leaves are falling and the wind blows twigs into your gutters. Make sure you take the time to clean out your gutters and seal them if you notice any leaks. In some areas, it might be necessary to install a heating cable to prevent ice dams.

Update Outdoor Rugs

We all have welcome mats that we wipe our shoes off on before we step inside the house. If yours looks anything like ours, it is worn out and dirty and after a year of use, it could stand to be replaced. We recommend updating your outdoor rugs or deep cleaning your current rugs to withstand the snow and rain from this upcoming season.

Change Outdoor Lights

Another quick chore to put on your fall cleaning checklist is to change the bulbs in your outdoor lights. Fall and winter mean shorter days and longer nights, and you’ll want to make sure your lights won’t burn out.
Consider installing motion detector lights outside your door so you don’t have to worry about constantly turning them on or off.


There are always a few chores we need to do around the fall and winter time, including outdoor maintenance to avoid added repair costs down the road. Use our fall cleaning checklist to help you feel prepared for the upcoming holiday season (it’s sooner than you think!). Plus if you’re getting ready to sell your home before Christmas, this checklist will help you be three steps ahead of the game.

Did we miss something that you do every year? Let us know in the comments.


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