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How To Know When To Call a Pro or Do It Yourself

How To Know When To Call a Pro or Do It Yourself

When it comes to home improvements, it can be tough to know whether or not you should call a pro or do it yourself. Everyone wants to save money, but are you willing to put in the time to research the process to do the repair correctly so it doesn’t cost you more in the long run? Here we discuss what projects you can handle confidently on your own and what you should probably leave to the professionals.

Is it Better To Call a Pro or Do It Yourself?

Before you jump right into the remodel or home improvement process, read our list of what you can handle on your own, and what you should probably call a pro for.

Call a Pro

Space Planning and Design

At the start of a big project, especially for something like a remodel or renovation, there are tons of things to consider. Before you jump right into anything, you need to come up with a plan. A design professional is your best bet because not only do they guide you through the process from start to finish, they will most likely have better ideas than you do.

After all, they are professionals, so they know all about comfort and efficiency. They think about everything, from staying within budget to knowing how you’ll use the space. Let them help you plan out a space that is functional and appealing.

Electrical and Plumbing

We honestly don’t think needs this much explanation. Leave any and all electrical or plumbing stuff up to the pros. They have licenses, bonds, insurance, and the experience that you most likely don’t have. Why risk messing something up and having to pay even more to fix what could have been a simple problem with a simple solution.

Drywall Installation

Though this technically could have been on the DIY list, we recommend calling a professional for this. Especially for the finishing touches, like filling the gaps using spackle or plaster. Though you might be able to gain enough info to tackle this yourself from some internet videos, it’s best to just call the pros.

If you’re just patching a hole here and there, feel free to handle it on your own. It’s a great skill to have. But if you’re working on a large scale project, don’t worry about it. Your time is better spent elsewhere.

Roof Repairs and Siding

You might be thinking that replacing a few shingles is no big deal. But unless you have extensive experience, you might not be aware of how difficult (and frankly, kind of dangerous) climbing up on the roof is. Plus you never know what kind of problems you’ll find up there. A roofing professional will know what to look for and probably get it done in half the time it would take you to do the same task.

Same goes for installing or replacing the siding on your home. Siding contractors will have all the know-how and all the tools to not only put on the best materials but to make those materials last longer. Though we still recommend you do some research, if you’re debating whether to call a pro or do it yourself, we think leaving it to the experienced pros is the best course of action.

Window Replacement

Regardless of whether it’s a new home or a fixer-upper, window repair is much more elaborate than you might think. Especially when you consider windows on second or third story homes. Do you know what to look for in terms of damage? Have you ever had to replace window frames before?

Calling a specialist who knows what they are doing and has years of know-how is a great idea. Plus the pros will know the most energy efficient solutions, which will save you money in the long run.

Do It Yourself

Demo and Cleanup

There’s grunt work in every job or project and often times that work can be done by you! If you’re ready to get started with the demo, order a pizza and invite some friends to come help you. Be careful though! Just because people on HGTV are jumping through walls and slinging hammers every which way, there might be important things behind your home’s walls that you do not want to mess up. Things like plumbing or electrical work might be hiding behind those walls. We also recommend making sure you have a real dumpster that opens up on one end if it’s a larger project.

Installing Fixtures and Finishes

Installing last minute fixtures or finishes usually falls within the scope of what any homeowner is capable of doing. If you’ve got a ladder, a drill, and probably a level, you can probably handle the bulk of your remodel finishes. This will save you money and ensures that you get exactly what you want.

Whether you’re replacing baseboards and trim, installing an accent wall, or just updating the hardware, this is something you can totally handle on your own.


Though hiring a professional painter might save you valuable time, any DIYer can handle a paint job. The BEST advice we can give you when painting is to not be cheap with your tape. You’re already saving money by choosing not to call a pro. Put down 2 layers on the edge of your room’s floor. Put down a layer of tape first, then tape down your drop cloth to seal it off again.

Investing in good rollers will save you so much more time. If you’re wondering whether to call a pro or do it yourself when it comes to painting, give it a try. Can’t decide what colors to use for your remodel? We’ve got some ideas here.


Unless you’re exceptionally fancy, we think you can handle improving the landscaping on your own. From pulling weeds to planting grass and adding plants, even a few simple things can really improve the exterior of your home. If you’re thinking of selling, updating the landscape adds instant curb appeal and could even boost the price of your home!

Bottom Line on Whether To Call a Pro or Do It Yourself

The bottom line on whether or not to call a pro or do it yourself is to look over your budget. What can you reasonably afford? Maybe you LOVE all things home renovation, and you’re pumped to dive in. Just keep in mind your skill level, the time you have available, and reasonably consider what it will like if you do it vs if a pro does it. Often times it is worth it to hire a professional simply because it will take you 3x as long to finish. However, we’ve seen people do a great job on remodels and renovation by doing it themselves, and they saved thousands of dollars.

If you need some advice or references, give us a call! We would love to help you and maybe even find you the fixer-upper you’ve been wanting to get your hands on. Whatever your real estate needs, we got them covered.


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