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10 Best Schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties

10 Best Schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties

When buying a home in Montana, the schools around it are extremely important. You want your kids to get the best possible education, right? This is why home buyers always put a premium on houses located in good school districts. Since we know how important education is, we have compiled a list of top public and private schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties, Montana.

Top Schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties

At Pinnacle Property we advise all our clients to opt for living close to a good school, even if they don’t have children. Their family might grow at some point and then we know they’ll be thanking us for helping them make this decision.

Even if you never have kids, buying a home in a good school district is a great investment. Your home’s value will always be influenced by its proximity to a good school. Plus, good school districts are typically safer neighborhoods.

Let’s take a look at the best schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties.

Public Schools in Yellowstone County

1. Billings Senior High School

The Billings Senior High School serves a total of 1717 students in the 9-12th grades, with a student-teacher ratio of 20:1.

It was built in 1939 and it is one of the most popular choices for Montana kids. The school philosophy relies heavily on equal opportunity and respect for every belief.

2. Arrowhead School

The Arrowhead Elementary School is located in west Billings and serves a total of 475 students in the grades PK-5. The student-teacher ratio of 18:1 is higher than the Montana average of 14:1 while minority enrollment is at 13%.

3. Broadview 7-8 Middle School

The Broadview Middle school serves students in both seventh and eighth grade. This small school operates within the Broadview elementary school district.

Private Schools in Yellowstone County

1. Grace Montessori Academy

The Grace Montessori Academy is a non-denominational Christian Montessori school. It teaches about 130 students in PK-6 grades.

The school follows the Montessori principles, so you can expect your children to be treated with kindness and respect and, at the same time, learn a lot of practical skills.

2. Billings Educational Academy

The Billings Educational Academy serves 12 students in grades 1-12 with individualized education with special specific styles and needs. The school prides itself on teaching children how to learn first and foremost.

3. Trinity Lutheran School

The Trinity Lutheran School in Billings is a Christian private school. It serves 200+ students from grades kindergarten through eighth grade. The student-teacher ratio is 22:1.

Public Schools in Stillwater County

1. Absarokee High School

Located on Woodard Avenue, the Absarokee High School serves 81 students in grades 9-12. The student-teacher ratio of 10:1 is lower than the MT of 14:1. A low student-teacher ratio is something you should always aim for, as it points to more time dedicated to your child.

2. Columbus Middle School

It serves a total of 173 students in grades 6-8 with a student-teacher ratio of 19:1. Despite a high student-teacher ratio, the Columbus Middle School has higher test scores than the average Montana school.

3. Columbus High School

Columbus High School is easily the biggest school in Stillwater County, averaging about 200 students. The student-teacher ratio is about 12:1 and the test scores and graduation averages well with regards to the rest of the state. Columbus High School also has a thriving sports community, so your kids can find their niche as part of a team.

4. Rapelje High School

The Rapelje High School serves 17 students in the grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 3:1. It has a minority enrollment of 5% of the student body (mostly Hispanic).


Private Schools in Stillwater County

Stillwater Christian School

The Stillwater Christian School is the only PreK-12 school in the Flathead Valley. Their mission is “to equip students with the tools for learning through a Christ-centered education”.

Further detailed information on public and private schools in Stillwater and Yellowstone counties can be found on Public School Review and on Private School Review.  We encourage you to browse these two websites and decide for yourself which school district might be best for your family.

While a school can have a great student-teacher ratio and great test scores, as parents you are the ones who know best what your children need. Speaking to teachers and current students in schools in Yellowstone and Stillwater Counties is the best way to learn whether a certain school is a good fit for your child or not.


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