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7 Ways Real Estate Agents Save The Deal Behind-The-Scenes

7 Ways Real Estate Agents Save The Deal Behind-The-Scenes

Not everyone knows just how hard real estate agents work to find buyers for your home and then close the sale. Deals fall through all the time and agents have the experience to either help get the price you want or find another buyer that might better fit your needs.

Here we give you a behind-the-scenes look at why deals fall through and how real estate agents save the deal.

Behind-The-Scenes: How Real Estate Agents Save The Deal

There are lots of reasons that home deals can fall through, and we often don’t see the hard work that real estate agents do to save them. Read our list of ways that agents save the deal and learn how to avoid failing deals or at least be prepared if it happens.

Real Estate Agents Save The Deal With Bringing In Worthy Buyers

One reason that real estate deals fall through is that financials don’t go through. If a buyer’s mortgage application is rejected, then the house isn’t getting financed and therefore the deal will be terminated.

A way that real estate agents save the deal is by using their pool of already pre-approved buyers. Ideally, your agent has a group of buyers who have all of their finances in order and are ready to buy your home. A pre-approved buyer knows exactly how much a bank is willing to lend, so they can actually make an offer on your home.

They Market Your Property

Deals fall through all the time because the photos and description of a home are inconsistent with the actual condition of the home. Real estate agents save the deal before problems even arise by accurately photographing your home in the best possible light. They will also include details about your property that will help buyers decide if it is right for them.

Real estate agents also take the time to make sure your home is listed correctly on all sorts of listing sites, newspaper ads, and more. They do all the marketing with their own money and make sure that they don’t include anything false and are upfront about any repairs or fixes so that each offer that comes in is a legitimate once. They also organize and are present for all open houses, which help them build their network.

They Network With Others

Sometimes houses stay on the market awhile or specific buyers with particular needs are waiting for the perfect home to pop up. Experienced real estate agents have lots of contacts with other agents and brokers, and have buyers they know who might love your home before you even list it. They have the means to help get your house sold quickly and so real estate agents save the deal by just collaborating with the people they know.

They Write Up Offers and Counteroffers

Real estate agents save the deal with writing offers and counteroffers that could end up not only selling your home but save you thousands of dollars on a sale. If you try selling your home on your own, you might not have the skills necessary to accept a fair offer or counter on one that doesn’t meet your expectations.

This process of offers and counteroffers takes a good chunk of time and keeping track of everything is a behind-the-scenes task that agents do on your behalf.

Real Estate Agents Are Present For The Inspection

Though you might not think of this as a big deal, a good agent will be present during your home’s inspection. This gives them instant knowledge about the status of your home and can recommend the proper updates and also make sure you’re listing it at a good price.

Plus, results from the inspection can be immediately passed onto the buyer, so make sure you have an agent present to help you so that you and your home is presented in the best light.

They Keep You And The Buyers Calm

From handling the paperwork to networking the whole day away, real estate agents save the deal by simply keeping you and potential buyers feeling calm and secure. Selling a home and moving into another one is an emotional process, and real estate agents act as a temporary therapist, calming your anxiety and telling you that everything is going to be ok.

They Do The Hard Work For You

Real estate agents don’t get nearly enough credit for all of the hard work that they do. They work from the early morning into late evenings making sure that you get your home sold for a great price. They do all the paperwork, they discuss offers with the buyer, they make sure your home looks amazing, and they make sure you feel confident and secure.

Imagine having to handle the process of selling all on your own! It’s enough to make anyone tired. But the great thing about real estate agents is that this is their passion. United people with the right home and taking care of people is what they live for, and you can rest assured knowing that they have your back.


Now that you know all the ways that agents save the deal and why you should trust that they will make it happen for you. Make sure you have a real estate agent willing to go to bat for you and give you realistic expectations. And on the flipside, make sure you are being flexible and reasonable when you’re ready to sell your home.

Talk to your agent about your concerns and try to get opinions from other people who might be in similar situations as you. There’s always a solution when it comes to real estate, and it pays off when you have real estate agents save the deal for you.


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